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  • Signal Key Market Activity -> In real-time, we alert market and stock specific entry points, momentum plays, breakout stocks, breakdown stocks for shorting, fake breakout stocks, stocks to avoid, hot market news, etc.

  • Live Trade Alerts -> See every trade live on your desktop or mobile device. Alerts include position sizes, entries, exits, and strike prices. At the end of each week, we reflect why I exited & entered all trades with profits/losses noted.

  • Community Chat Room -> Learn from the growing community of investors and traders in the Investment Talk Only 24/7 chatroom on Slack. All alerts and commentary are posted here in real-time!

  • Educational Material -> Learn about subjects such as: Market analysis, stock analysis, entry points, determining the strength of a trade, and account management.

  • $500 Challenge - Each month we provide a gamplan for monster trades that could 2x - 5x over a few days using only $500.

  • Skill Sharpening Sundays (PREMIUM) -> Join us for weekly conference calls discussing market conditions, past trades, trade psychology, and new charts followed by questions and answers.

  • Trade Entries (PREMIUM) -> Weekly charts posted to outline key technicals for optimal entries.

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